Physical exams and wellness care are crucial parts of maintaining your pet’s health at every life stage. Regular exams not only let us get to know your pets (and let them get comfortable with us!), but they also help us establish a baseline for your pet’s health. When we see your pets regularly, we’re more likely to be able to spot potential medical issues early, before they become too bothersome.

Wellness care will be different for every single pet that visits Best Friends Animal Hospital, as every animal has different needs. During your pet’s exam, we’ll address issues and suggest care specific to your pet’s breed and age.

During physical exams, we’ll ask you questions about your pet’s behavior, eating habits, and regular activities at home. We can use this time to address any specific concerns you may have, too. Physical examinations also let us note any changes, such as weight gain or loss, that you may not notice otherwise.

We may recommend the following during physical exams as part of your pet’s wellness care:

  • Updating vaccines
  • Diagnostic testing, like a complete blood count or urinalysis, to identify potential underlying issues
  • Dental exams
  • Radiographs (X-rays)

Before your pets’ next exams at Best Friends Animal Hospital, take note of the type of food you provide, how much they eat, if they’ve had any recent personality changes, and any other concerns you may want to address.

To schedule a physical exam for your pet and establish regular wellness care, contact your Best Friends Animal Hospital veterinarian today.